Mummy and Me – Amrita TV’s Vishu Movie 2011

Mummy and Me

Mummy and Me

Amrita Tv Premiering the Latest Malayalam Film ” Mummy and Me ” on the Vishu Day 15 April 2011. Mummy & Me is directed by Jithu Joseph. Mummy & Me stars Kunchacko Boban, Archana Kavi, Mukesh, Lalu Alex, Urvashi, Shari, Janardhanan, and Anoop Menon.

Synopsis – The story is about a nuclear family consisting of a mother named Clara (Urvashi), a daughter named Jewel (Archana Jose Kavi), and a father named Joseph(Mukesh). They love each other and are engaged in each other’s activities.

Jewel is a new age girl with open positive relations, but Clara is a conventional mother who is always on the lookout to find fault with her daughter and trying to correct her in every way she can. This leads to complaints and fights which kill the peace of the small family.

Meanwhile, Jewel befriends a fashion designer who calls himself ‘ameer’ (Suresh Gopi). They make a mutual agreement not to ask for each other’s true identity. Jewel starts sharing her problems with Ameer and he gives her suggestions and advices. Slowly Jewel starts behaving well with everyone and everyone is happy as well as surprised at her change.

After a while, Jewel starts believing that she is in love with him and tells this to Rahul. Heart broken, Rahul shares this with his parents as well as Jewel’s. Her parents first wanted to stop her from this relation but fearing that she might take any wrong step, they tell her that they wants to meet Ameer. Ameer fixes a date to meet her family but on that day Ameer does not turn up. A priest named Fr. Phelix comes to their home that day with a CD of Ameer’s voice recorded in which he tells her that he is bedridden and is counting his last days. Fr. Phelix informs them that Ameer is no more.

Jewel is shattered by this news but recovers soon and marries Rahul. In the last scene of the movie, everyone goes to Phelix’s orphanage and there we see Ameer who watches them from a distance and tells Phelix that it was a good decision to tell them that he is dead.

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