Mammootty Re-Elected as Kairali TV Chairman

Mammootty re-elected as Kairali TV Chairman
Mammootty re-elected as Kairali TV Chairman

Kairali Turnover Rs.47.86 crore – 2008-09

Net profit is Rs.7.65 crore

Malayalam Communications Limited has announced a 5 per cent dividend for 2008-’09.

The company, riding on a 36 per cent increase in revenue over the previous year, logged a total turnover of Rs.47.86 crore during 2008-’09. The revenue during 2007-’08 was Rs.35.21 crore. The company’s net profit during 2008-’09 was Rs.7.65 crore, Malayalam Communications Limited chairman Mammootty and managing director John Brittas informed the company’s annual general meeting here on Monday. This is the first time after its formation that Kairali TV is announcing dividend for its shareholders.

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  1. FOLIO No 119585 Raghavannair KP
    I have not yet received any DIVIDENT

  2. I also didn’t get any dividend or notification. Is there any process to receive the same?

  3. Nishanth says:

    i am working in muscat. i have only NRE SB Account in kerala. how i can receive my divident amount. how long it will take. pls reply me..


  4. Madhu Lal says:

    I have 5000 units of Kairali Shares, but unfortnately, I did not received any divident share so far. So would you please advise how to do the necessary steps to receive the divident shares.

  5. Raveendranath P says:

    I didn’t receive any dividend till now.Please advise a solution for this problem.I am a native of Perumbavoor in Ernakulam district.

  6. Santhosh says:


    I didn’t get any divident yet now……Is there any possibility for getting.. I am from Ernakulam…Please do take necessary action for this..Awaiting your response

  7. I didnt get any divident yet now.please do take necessary action for this.myfolio no 00118690 . Awaiting your reply thanking you.

  8. SINDHU.G.K says:

    I didn’t get any divident yet now. my folio no **************** .please take necessary action thanking you

  9. Why don’t we have to think about Kairali English channel. It will useful for all Indians as a national channel.

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