Tam Rating Of Malayalee House – Real Reality Show

Malayalee House – Real Reality Series Showing Upward Trend In Ratings

Malayalee House Tam Rating

Malayalee House Tam Rating

Malayali House


CS 4+ years



CS Fe ABC 15+ years



CS Fe Abc 25+ years



8 Responses

  1. laiju k rahul says:

    glad malayali house got a high rating this is my favourite show

  2. lysa joy says:

    within 1 week malayali house gonna to treaten kodeeshwaran,surya tv is doing a great job.hattss of to u.now all your programs except coat eeswaran is striking on to viewers

  3. Rijin P says:

    there is ONLY two reality shows in malayalam. and only asianet is airing tv shows. All other channels are ‘sasi’???

  4. Mohammed Shamil says:

    Malayali house in surya show going in good… hats off to the whole 16 ppl who taking part in it (Y)

  5. Shanavas CV says:

    Malayalee house on surya TV now going well….good job surya…. the coMing TAM reports are very unbelievable………. Congratulations……

  6. jijo c john says:

    Can i get the e mail id of management team of malayalee house

  7. Deepak says:

    in the final episode of malayalee House G S pradeep showed very bad impression by not talking to rahul eshwaar .

    why that fool (Gs Pradeep) should be given malayalee Title a separate Award for him because he was one of the biggest culprit in the show….i think he is turkey kozhi….every time kissing & hugging thinkal bhal & many other girls, but in that shindu joy didn’t gave a chance to touch her..then too that “turkey” was trying to touch her.

    i like rahul eshwaar he played the game very sporty & cunning…. which ever task given by MH he is was ready to do that Nano would have also won by him… but many MH people didn’t like.

    rosin jolly was a waste… she was survied due rahul eshwaar support…

    neena kurup can be called as new “vedi” of kerala….sheeaa a mother of daughter what vulgar dressing she used to wear….& she was comparing with thinkal bhal..ohh neena kurup thinkal bhal is of new gen. u don’t try to copy ….

  8. Thomas.k.lukose says:

    which fools are telling that malayali house did better than kodeeswaran, see the chart,
    it didnot get even a sponser for that programme,stupid programme

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