Lipstick – New Serial on Asianet

Lipstick – New Serial on Asianet

Lipstick Serial

Lipstick Serial on Asianet

Gopika, born in a rich family is a post graduate in Journalism with enough arrogance and pride. , During the college days she gets very close with Sarath another intelligent dynamic student coming from a poor family and helps him financially whenever needed.

Sarath is an ambitions student with his dreams of acquiring high position power and money. He is prepared to stoop down to any level to reach is goal.

Sarath directly approaches Gopika’s father and expresses his wish of marrying her. Gopika’s father though appreciates the straight forwardness of Sarath but reject the proposal on and enquires about his family background

This hurts Sarath and it increase his  hatred towards his father, Aravindan, who deceived his mother. Sarath’s progress in life got blocked very often because of his father ,who has strong political clouts, money and muscle power. Sarath with intelligence and determination grew and owns a small news paper which creates stir in the society. At this stage Sarath got a shocking news about the marriage of Gopika with Praveen, son of Govindan a rich business man. Sarath started  scheming to attack two of his enemies namely Avarachan his own father and Praveen the husband of Gopika. He succeeds in eliminating Praveen .

After the mourning days of Praveen’s death there starts a conflict regarding their family wealth and business. Gopika haunted by the memories of Praveen returns to her own house.

Meantime Sarath marrys Gopika  with the full support of her parents and relatives .  One fine day Gopika gets a shocking news from a stranger with evidence that Sarath was behind the murder of Praveen. The story takes the trun there after…

Asianet is all set to telecast “ LIPSTICK ” on every Monday to Friday, starting from 26th July 2010 from 10.00 PM  to 10.30PM.

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    Please give an interview with Sharath in lipstick

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