Kunjali Marakkar Monday to Friday on Asianet at 8.00 P.M

Kunjali Marakkar Monday to Friday on Asianet at 8.00 P.M

Kunjali Marakkar Monday to Friday on Asianet at 8.00 P.M

Kunjali Marakkar Monday to Friday on Asianet at 8.00 P.M

Mohammed Kunjali Marakkar was the naval chief of the Samoothiri Raja Manavikraman, a Hindu king of Kozhikode (anglicized Calicut), in present day state of Kerala, India during the 16th century. He was the first of the four Kunjalis who played a part in the Raja’s naval wars with the Portuguese, who arrived in India in 1498. The Marakkars are credited with organizing the first naval defence of the Indian coast, to be later succeeded in the 18th century by the Maratha Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre.

The Portuguese initially attempted to obtain trading privileges in 1498, but soon had troubles because the pressure from the Arabs over the Raja, since they had traditionally been trading in his ports, and did not want to lose the monopoly in trading spices. The Raja resisted these attempts which resulted in the Portuguese trying to destabilise his rule by negotiating a treaty with his arch-enemy, the Kingdom of Kochi in 1503. Sensing the Portuguese superiority at sea, the Raja set about improving his navy. He appointed Kunjali to the task.

The fight between the Raja and the Portuguese continued on until the end of the 16th century, when the Portuguese convinced the Raja in 1598 that Marakkar III intended to take over his Kingdom. The Raja then joined hands with the Portuguese to defeat Marakkar III, ending in his defeat and death in 1600.

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  1. LISSA THOMAS says:


  2. Alshifa says:

    I Like this serial very much superrrrrrrrr can u mail the real name of kunjali and he is acting so nicely my wish is to not end this serial but it coudnt happen so all the best wishes to all the actors and actresses

  3. indira says:

    kunjali marakkar is a very very good serial. is the time is changing?
    Omanakuttan kochatta thank you for making a good serial.

  4. Dear Sir,

    I feel that Asianet is doing a very bad thing in showing the serial “Kunjali Marakkar”. He is a historical person and we should not put such a name in a serial where there is no relation to truth.

    Please at lease they a have to diclare this all are not history but just fiction.

    Please note that the present gerneration who are watching this will think these as history. It is the responsibility of historians and academicians to come against these. I do not have anything personally against the serial. I do watch it. But this distortion of facts are really a crime against history.


  5. Anil says:

    A good serial. I think that this is at present on top of all other serials in all channels. Usually i never used to watch any serial regularly since most are aimed to create sentiments in housewives.

  6. Prasad says:

    Kunjali Marakkar is coming up very well by direction and acting. All actors keeping very good performance and moreover, they suits for the particular characters exactly.

    But based on story, the serial is very poor. Actually who is Kunjali marakkar? What he did for our nation??
    We wont get answer to these questions from the serial. It is telling something else. All ladies want to marry Kunjali. Is he a CHOCOLATE HERO?
    Some characters are kidnapping some others. Hero and his team releasing them. Is this the only story to tell with Kunjali?
    I am not at all getting what KALIKA – a stupid character- is doing with Kunjali. Is this a story of horror and black magic?

    I found Kunjali is a brave historic person, who fought for our nation.
    If somebody is commenting this is a good serial, surely it is based on direction and acting. They may not know WHO IS KUNJALI MARAKKAR.

    So my request is, please do some research on Kunjali Marakkar and make the serial something good. You have a good theme and excellent artists with you.

    All the best.

  7. syam says:

    hi sir i like kunjalimarikar serial very much and also like actor thacholiothenan e cherecter cheyyunna nadente details ayakamo with mob no

  8. irshad says:

    kunjali marakkar is a very very very.. good serial

  9. diya says:

    i like it so much thacholiodairan,theyi,devu,chandra kalika,chapen,kanyi,
    kungi,erallpad,kanagangi,and kunjali are amazing actors

  10. diya says:

    i like it very much .

  11. diya says:

    it is a nice serial.. .what is the story?first some one wants to kill kunjali.what is this? i want these comments on asianet at 10.00. because of kalika the kunjali serial has gone a flop .thacholi’s part is very nice

    kunjali is not the main character it is thacholi udairan.please understand it find siome information about kunjali.
    i can not understand what is kaligab it is ful of magic.pleace make use of these comments. is kalika real woman? just answer me

    the tining everything is nice.ok anyways all the best


  12. sujit nair says:

    I personally feel , dat more research sud have been done!!
    the serial ended abruptly!!
    marakaar’s story was short…its more to it.
    could have done better.

  13. sujit nair says:

    and do mail me the lead actors names. juss for my understanding.

  14. midhun.m.s says:

    i am very sad in stoping serial kunjali marakar.it is a very very good serial that played yet.i like othenan and chandrakalika very much.can i get more details about them .thank you asianet&vayalar madhavankutty.

  15. Radhakrishnan says:

    Kunjali Marakkar started very impressing. all the actors done their roles well. But I think there was a serious deviation from true history so as to bring the story in a serial fashion.. However the serial came to an abrupt end,that could have been averted with some more episodes making a an impressive end.

  16. pranoy says:

    it was a nice serial.i regularly watched it.what is the real name of the person who acted as kunjali?he did a good job.but the serial should have been continuing


  17. nowfel says:

    when starting of this serial i saw very ancietly but this serial is a stupid one.the people they like the kunjali marakkar do not forgive the director and script writer thry made the kunjali’s story is like a horror serial but the actors are did their work beautifully especially kunjali and othenan.kunjali the acted person very well he has future in cinema can you give his mobile number

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