Keralam Samsarikkunnu – Kerala Discusses Current Affairs on Amrita TV

Keralam Samsarikkunnu - Kerala Discusses Current Affairs on Amrita TV
Keralam Samsarikkunnu ,  Amrita TV’s  new talk show that will be telecast every Saturday at 6.30 pm(IST) and on Sunday at 9.30 pm(UAE ) is a current affairs discussion, featuring a group of guests, an assemblage  of audience and a well known host,  in which  the guest panel and the invited audience take part in the discussion on an equal footing, under the moderating influence of the anchor.

Each weekly episode is built around an issue that is currently in circulation- which may be a grave environmental problem, a sensational social  affair or an explosive political controversy .  The  theme helps provide a pointer to the list of  guest invitees of the show, who have to be thoroughly familiar with the subject and its ramifications.

The show is anchored by a host whose enviable experience in television journalism and radio jockeying  makes him the ideal choice to play the role of mediator . Popular amongst Gulf radio listeners as ‘KK’,  this  Hit FM Radio Jockey  was a well-known newsreader with Amrita TV before moving to Dubai. Krishna Kumar’s political acumen, quick wits and diplomatic skills, guarantee that  the show  will be kept on a lively track without allowing it to get out of hand.

The anchor opens the discussion with a short introduction to the topic of the day, poses a few pertinent queries to which the guests respond, after which the issue is put up for public debate. It is the turn of the audience to quiz them or raise doubts. The experts do their best to allay their fears and answer  questions. As the atmosphere warms up and tempers get frayed , the anchor keeps things in check drawing in more and more members from the audience into the fray, until the entire guest panel and all the viewers are involved in the debate, so that Keralam Samsarikkunnu literally becomes a microcosm of the entire Kerala society.

What makes the show stand out is that the audience – instead of being a faceless mass who are silent observers of the deliberation – become an indispensable part of the show participating & contributing to the war of words. In contrast to other talk shows where the viewers are herded into  a corner, here the audience and guests are seated together on the studio floor.

Keralam Samsarikkunnu  gives an opportunity  for the common man to raise issues  directly to the concerned authorities, who in turn get to know the attitude of the general public at first hand. By helping them to vocalize their opinions, resentment  and doubts, it becomes a venue where the  Vox Populi  can be heard loud  and clear.

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  1. citizen says:

    Amrita TV programs are always outstanding.
    Could you please bring out the problems of most misusing law in india. Faulty DV acts, 498A, 304b, honor killing etc… Govt of india promoting crime with its blind Domestic law. Which is against the indian constitution and INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS. It seems Govt. of India wants to break all families and CONVERT INDIA to a WORLD HUB for GAY SEX. After marriage brides family is allowed to do crime against grooms family members and relatives. After looting them their family members can kill own sisters then civil servants helps them to charge all crimes on grooms family including mother, sisters, elderly parents, and even on kids… Misuse of DV law in india is 98%.

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