Kerala Assembly Election Results 2011 on Amrita TV

Battery of Eminent Political Analysts To Participate in Amrita TV’s Election Coverage

Kerala Assembly Election Results 2011

Kerala Assembly Election Results 2011

Amrita TV’s minute-to-minute non stop coverage of the State Elections 2011,which will commence from 7 am on Friday May 13, will include instantaneous updates of declared results, enlightening discussions, penetrating analysis, study of voting trends in  every  zilla of the state, shift in loyalties, community voting patterns etc.

In the National Debate at 8.00pm,  a cluster of top media professional known for the political acumen- Kuldip Nayar, Hari Jaisingh, Veerendra Kapoor, K.Goplakrishnan, TVR Shenoy, N.Asokan, Dr.G.Gopakumar etc will minutely dissect the ballot tallies and its repercussions.

At 3.30 pm the business community of Kerala, led by the Vice President of Tata Group,MD Manapuram Gold, MD Medimix, MD V Guard,Former Chairman CII and a host of prominent industry moghuls   mulls over the fall out of the elections on the business scene. Youth and Elections at 4.15 pm which features the young faces of Kerala Politics from the LDF, UDF, BJP and others will voice their views and  opinions on the emerging scenario. Women in elections at 5.00 pm provides a forum for assembling the well-known representatives from all major parties-Padmaja Venugopal, TN Seema MP, Shobha Surendran who  interpret the results from the feminine viewpoint, the number of women who have been victorious at the hustings, the percentage of representatives in the assembly etc.

Leaders across the political spectrum from every prominent party in the State, Shashi Tharoor, K C Venugopal, M Vijayakumar, O Rajagopal, Kodikkunil Suresh,A Sampath,E T Muhammed Basheer, P K Krishna Das, M M Hassan, M V Jayarajan, V Muraleedharan, E P Jayarajan,  P.K Krishna Das, C.K Padmanabhan etc will participate in the deliberations spread through out the day.

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