Kauthuka Kazhchakal Sat at 10.30 am IST on Amrita TV

Kauthuka Kazhchakal

Kauthuka Kazhchakal

Program Timing : Sat at 10.30 am IST
Host : R. Ramachandran
Producer : Sreedevi

Kauthuka Kazhchakal is a sequence of separate story snippets, each narrating incidents, events, facts, inventions etc that provide refreshing glimpses into the life and lifestyles of countries far and wide, big and small, around the globe.

The Host R. Ramachandran : The programme is hosted by a slender, dapper individual whose face may be unfamiliar, but whose voice will open a flood of memories to a generation of Malayalees who had grown up listening to Akasavani: he is none other than R.Ramachandran, one of Kerala’s pioneering radio newsreaders whose sound transmitted national and global headlines over the entire State, every day. This is the 1st time that Ramachandran will be appearing on the TV screen and the unmistakable voice that intoned the characteristic ‘Akasavani, Varthakal Vayikkunnathu Ramachandran’ at the beginning of every broadcast, will now introduce , explain and conclude the newslets to the viewers.

The Program Kauthuka Kazhchakal : The videos that are featured in the show, cover reports from every nook and corner of the globe:

A Japanese robot who is programmed to be the new chef in the kitchen, can chop vegetables better than any housewife and fry crisp pancakes to the right turn. ‘She’ not only delivers it to the table, but requires no salary and – doesn’t talk back !

Pets in China are so well-cared for that, when the parents go shopping, they pick up dresses not only for their children but for their pet ‘kids’ as well. These outfits range from the trendy to the formal and the pampered 4 – legged ‘children’ enjoy being dressed up and promenaded as much as any teenager !

The priest and congregation of the St. George Orthodox Church in Israel were mystified one Sunday morning when the church was permeated by a sweet aroma. On investigation it was found that it emanated from a painting of St. George; the oil in the painting had oozed out and was the source of the scent. The priest cleaned up the oil and went back to his sermon, only to find that the aroma was back after half an hour- the oil kept on flowing out of the painting and is now considered as a latter day miracle.

These interesting newslets whisks us off to worlds that are new and alien and amazes, fascinates, bewilders, at times startles, sometimes makes us incredulous, but provides a riveting half an hour of entertainment.

Kauthuka Kazhchakal is thus a compact series of segments that present sights and spectacles ranging from the light to the sober, comical to the serious, trivial to the momentous that are amusing but thought provoking and brings a smile to one’s lip,s even as one pauses to ponder over the snippets.

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