Kathayallithu Jeevitham Completes 250 Episodes

Amrita Tv’s ‘Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham’ Renders 250 Episodes of Social Service

Kathayallithu Jeevitham

Kathayallithu Jeevitham

Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham, Amrita TV’s  landmark programme that offers a final  beacon of hope  to families torn asunder by avarice, adultery ,misunderstanding etc has just passed the imposing milestone of 250 episodes.

It is a courtroom show in which authentic familial problems plucked from real life, of siblings who are at daggers drawn, neighbours who refuse to bury the hatchet, spouses who have locked horns on matters trivial or serious, come to the studio on their own free will. In the presence of  the skilled co-ordinator , erstwhile actress Vidhubala and a panel of legal experts from KELSA(Kerala Legal Services Authority), they try to figure out what is wrong, to get to the bottom of the matter and iron out their differences . The settlement is put in black and white with both parties signing on the dotted line and validated by  a seal of KELSA so that there is no scope  for breach of promise.

In the 18 months since its launch, more than 65 cases have come up for settlement, a potpourri of issues ranging from post marital infidelity, polygamy, dowry issues, property disputes, neglect in old age, missing persons etc. The audience response in tracking down absconding husbands or missing persons has been so tremendous that 80 % of such cases were solved through accurate information provided by the viewers.

Amrita TV hasn’t  confined itself to merely being a good Samaritan who bails people out of trouble and brings about a reconciliation; in many cases it has stepped in and lent substantial aid running into lakhs of rupees to those in dire need of a monetary leg-up. Amrita TV  has constituted a special Prathyasa nidhi to that  effect , from which coffers many families have benefitted immensely.

Cases that have been in arrears for years  before traditional courts with sentences long overdue are dealt with in a week  in the programme thus providing a swift, fair out-of-court resolution. Kathayalla Ithu Jeevitham thus presents a last resort to beleaguered families waiting for justice, opening a tiny window of hope when all other doors have been slammed shut.

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