Kairali Tv’s Official Reply to the Ellarum Padanu Issue

Kairali Tv’s Official Reply to the Ellarum Padanu Issue

Kairali Tv

Kairali Tv

The mail is a part of an orchestrated campaign to malign Kairali. It is libelous in nature. Spreading such baseless reports through e-mail is in itself a crime. We believe that you have forwarded it to us because you have concern for us. But we would like to advise you to stop forwarding the mail to anybody since we have already initiated steps to file a complaint with the Cyber Cell of the Police Department.

We may also like to dwell on the facts of the matter. It is true that some members of the family in which the children are blind participated in the Reality Show “Family Music” and were selected as the winners. The prize for the winners was not sponsored by the Company but by Shanthimadom Builders. The prize offered was a Villa near Guruvayoor. The show culminated in October 2008. Kairali discharged its duty promptly in announcing the winners and connecting the sponsors to them in the same stage itself.

As you all may be aware, any winnings from Reality Shows is taxable at the hands of the receiver under the Income Tax Act 1961.

We understand that the sponsors have given a piece of land duly registered in the name of the mother of the family immediately after October 2008. They also have informed the winners through their advocate that a villa has already been constructed on the land and that they can go and take possession. The very fact that the party has not undertaken the journey of less than 4 hours to take possession and instead are spreading e- mail campaigns of libelous nature proves that their intention is not to receive the prize (which they have in fact already received) but to spread rumors against Kairali.

We once again advise you to please cut off any further communication of the libelous e-mail.

Thanking you once again,


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  1. radhakrishnan says:

    you people publish those comments only which suit you.

    • admin says:

      Dear friend, realize the truth, if this family don’t have the money to pay the tax, they can simply contact Kairali Tv instead of this they done a press release to said Kairali Cheated , they not moved through the proper channel, Kairali Tv is not cheated anybody. if they have any issues they can contact the channel. they not contacted Kairali at any time. If they have any issues to pay the Tax, Kairali should help them or find a solution. Please don’t believe the forwarded rubbish email. try to understand what happened.

  2. ravindran says:

    the program is presented in kairali tv and not at santhimatom office.so u r responsible to distribute the prize
    the winners r not supposed to know the sponsers so,don’t put lame excuses,blame othersand feel arrogant on reactions(a cpm nature?)

    • admin says:

      Prize disputed, what the issue now, kindly watch Shanthimadom’s Reply to this issue. Kairali is a Public Limited Company , Not CPIM’s Property.

  3. Renji says:

    Prize disputed ???

    What do you mean by that? Was it “distributed” that you meant?

    Always proof read what you have entered before submitting. You are the admin.

  4. Deepak says:

    Prize distributed, OK. But as per todays mathrubhumi the flat was constructed in Govt; land, please command.

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