K.B Ganesh Kumar – Is The New Host Of Nammal Thammil

New Host Of The Talk Show, Nammal Thammil On Asianet is K.B Ganesh Kumar

KB Ganesh Kumar

KB Ganesh Kumar

Nammal Thammil is the most popular talk show accustomed to the Malayalee viewers. Now the show is in its utmost and unique condition by presenting various social subjects ,vigourously taken by the involvement of each and every keralite.Veteran , multi talented sharp sighted Ex . Minister Mr.Ganesh kumar(MLA) will foster this talk show as presenter from next week.This will be a milestone .

many former projects of Nammal Thammil became sighnposts . “Athazhathinethunna Virunnukaar” got the number one rating , and it has changed the television history vividly.This show has its own obvious aims and it has the capability to pulling down the vizards.Nammal Thammil is the only one talk show in television that equipped with viewers blessings and it is presenting without any bias .

Now Nammal Thammils new footstep is “ controversies and relationship in film field”. Dileep,Reema Kallingal, K.Madhu, Siyad Koker,Saikumar,Sibi Malayil,Edavela Babu etc, many prominent persons like above mentioned will garnish this talk as panelist. This will Telecast on 8th june and 9th june at 10 pm. Each and every one likes changes. Now Nammal Thammil is coming to you with new preface ,in stupendous atmosphere with new recent social issues and also with the new anchor.” hope this talk show will go with its tranquill presentation to many decades.

Asianet is all set to telecast “NAMMAL THAMMIL” on every Saturday & Sunday at 10PM .

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  1. Aji M P says:

    The first episode of nammal thammil with KB Ganesh Kumar was not satisfying the nature of program.
    It was total dissappointment to the crowd sitting on the other side.

    No interaction with the common people was made.
    he made the other side of the room to sit and watch the chatting in betwwen the film crews.

    there is no chance given for the crowd to interact or to express their view in the subject .

  2. sanai says:

    We need someone respectful to host this show, NOT GANEESH. can’t believe asianet choose him .I ‘ wil stop watching this show.

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