Harimuraleeravam- Amrita TV’s Appreciative Salute To Girish Puthancherry



Love, melancholy,devotion, nature and tradition, everything abstract and everything literal found expression in the outpourings from his heart. Girish Puthencherry’s exceptional ability to summarize the range of human emotions in simple yet profoundly eloquent verse was perhaps the greatest reason for his enduring popularity

In a gesture of deep  respect to the departed genius Girish Puthencherry, Amrita TV convened  Harimuraleeravam, a musical tribute, in which the cream of  playback singers and music composers gathered together in Dubai  for an evening of rapturous melody.

Renowned music composer M.Jayachandran, award-winning director,Shyamaprasad, veteran actor, Siddique and the vibrant generation of playback singers comprising Sujata, Madhu Balakrishnan, Gayatri and Sudeep Kumar- – with whom the late lyricist shared deep bonds of affection gathered  together in a league of  friendship for the concert.

The concert format was designed to have all the artistes simultaneously on stage throughout the 3-hour program, performing and sharing anecdotes—thus creating a unique musical obeisance to the lyricist maestro by singing the best and most loved songs from his exquisite compositions.
Harimuraliravam, will be  aired this week for the million hearts paying their silent homage to the great lyricist, in each household.

Watch the compiled event on Amrita TV.

Saturday, 22nd  October @ 02.30 PM IST
Sunday, 23rd October@ 12.30 AM UAE

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