Grand Finale of Super Star-The Ultimate To Be Telecast On 19th May 2012


Reshma – Super Star-The Ultimate

The fluorescent  lamps that shine down on Asia’s second largest indoor floor in the Chitranjali Film Complex, hosting Amrita TV’s Super Star-The Ultimate  will light up the stage for the final time, during the  Grand Finale of the mega music reality show. The concluding performance which will decide the ultimate super star ,will go on air at  6.30 pm on Saturday, May 19th .


Sreejith – Super Star-The Ultimate

Five contenders have managed to come through the unsparing scrutiny of the 2 permanent jury members, the fastidiously critical P.Jayachandran and the cynically exacting Sharreth, to the finals : Krishnan, the youngest  to qualify, groomed by a solid musical background; Rahul Raj, blinded at 4, but gifted with musical talent to compensate for it; Reshma, schooled in classical but able to excel in cinematic on stage; Sanoop who tapped in on his strengths to make it  to the top; Sreejith who maintained a high standard from the word go.

Positioned at an even distance from the title, the winner will be decided by how the five fare in the Finale, consisting of the Performance round and Melody Round.

As the frontrunners get into their stride, the judging panel comprising customary judges P.Jayachandran and Sharreth, reinforced by 2 stars from the playback fraternity, G.Venugopal and Gayathri ,will together settle the issue of who is the best singer of the competition.


Sanoop – Super Star-The Ultimate

Celebrity performances from all the 4 judges will dot the Finale evening, as they take turns  at the microphone to ease off the mounting tension of the contest.

On May 19th , as the challengers compete, each a few melody-widths away from the crown,  the final five have already been marked for great heights in music, regardless of the result.

Smitha Sivaji

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