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Enkilum Ente Gopalakrishna

Enkilum Ente Gopalakrishna

Gopalakrishna, a 40 year old bachelor, is an advocate who specializes in divorce cases.

His mother Gomathi Amma,60, who hails from a reputed family, lives with him and is bent on seeing her son tie the knot. Gopalakrishna, on the other hand, fights to retain his ‘single’ status.

The small office where Gopalakrishna works has three other staff members – Gumasthan Chintamani, Radha and Kanmani.

Chintamani is a self-made artist who hopes to make it big in films and is waiting for his big break. Radha, the office typist, hopes to marry Gopalakrishna someday. Meanwhile, Chintamani takes money from Kanmani, the third staff member, promising her that he would get Gopalakrishna to marry her.

Meanwhile, Gopalakrishan wilts under his mother’s pressure and agrees to marry, provided his mother does not fight with his wife, in a typical mother-in-law vs daughter-in-law war of words. He gets his mother to sign an agreement on a stamped paper to this effect.

Gopalakrishna decides to marry Sulu, a beautiful and modern girl. This decision enrages Radha who vows to make Gopalakrishna’s marital life miserable.

Post-marriage all hell breaks loose. Goplakrishna’s mother trashes the agreement and starts quarreling with her daughter-in-law.

With life in the dumps, Gopalakrishna finds solace in office. His life becomes one big rollercoaster ride.

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