Ellarum Padanu – Villa Given to Thankamma and Family

Ellarum Padanu – Thankamma and Family

Ellarum Padanu Villa

Ellarum Padanu Villa

The Sponsor Shanthimadom Builders Paid the Gift Tax and they Give Fridge, Television and Other Items to the family. Last week their an email Spread that Kairali Cheated the Blind family.

Image Credit to Kairali Tv

We would like to request our readers, Please forward this news also to those forwarded the Email Titled ” Nivedhanam “.

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  1. S. Krishnan says:

    Dear Kairali TV:

    This refers to the case of Shanthimadom villa for Thankamma and family.

    Respect for the other person is the foundation for a good relationship. This is true in both personal and business.

    The best things are given free. When you give a gift there should be NO strings attached.

    In a business, everybody involved is in a win-win situation; everyone is a winner. The channel, the contestant AND the sponsor. Everybody benefits. If the sponsor has given a prize money of 35 lacs; their business definitely benefits a thousand fold, from increased sale of their products. If the sponsor could pay a prize of 35 lacs, why not pay the fees (registration, etcetera) associated with it. That is probably peanuts for them. They dragged the poor family on and on for over two years! Shudha etchithanam!, allathenthu parayan.

    When you are giving, give with dignity and class.

    From now on, kindly associate with sponsors that have integrity, honesty and class. Why step into the mud and lose your image for no reason of yours?
    Thank you kindly,
    Ps. I got to know this story first in facebook then I googled and dug up more info, searching for – thankamma kairali shanthimadom –

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