Amrita TV Spreads Choral Rhapsodies To The Gulf In Deva Geetham Middle East

Devageetham Middle East

Devageetham Middle East

Deva Geetham, the first ever reality show for Christian choir songs in Malayalam, baptized viewers into the cadences of the melody-rich but unexplored world of Church music.

Now,  in its second season, it travels across the Arabian deserts as Deva Geetham Middle East, to usher Gulf Keralites to the alter of choral diversity .The show will go on air every weekend from Friday to Sunday at 10.30pm UAE (12 midnight IST).

Deva  Geetham Middle East  holds an additional laurel in its cap-it happens to be the first reality show hosted by any Malayalam channel to be conceived, produced and shot on Gulf soil.

Out of the field of  about 25 choir groups from churches in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah and every emirate of the United Arab Emirates, eight of the best performing choristers were singled out for the choir contest.

Each team consists of around 20 members, out of which 15 are carolers grouped into the 4 standard singing  voices of soprano, alto, tenor and bass while 5 are expert instrumentalists who comprise the orchestra that provides musical backing to the vocalists.

The rounds cover the entire choral music tradition chapter and verse, with Biblical topics of  Christmas, Easter, Psalms etc   featuring prominently in the competition; it also presents special themes like lullaby, drama round, film music, tribute to eminent persons etc.

The  devout renderings  will be appraised by a panel whose credentials make them worthy of being in the judging seat of such a contest: Ouseppachan, veteran music director who started his career as a choral violinist, Father Anthony Uruliannikkal a celebrated name in the devotional songs circuit and Shibu Chakravarthy renowned film lyricist will chair the jury.

A reality show that sings hallelujah to a thousand year old tradition of religious music, Deva Geetham Middle East will go a long way to promote, familiarize and popularize a divine musical style that has till now only resonated within the secluded cloisters of churches and the domed interiors of cathedrals.

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