Club FM is the No.1 FM Channel in Kerala; Yet Again

Club FM is the No.1 FM Channel in Kerala; Yet Again

Club FM

Club FM

Club FM which has become an integral part of the Malayalee’s daily life through its music and fun-filled programmes has been voted No.1 in effective listenership. According to the IRS 2010 Q3 report, Club FM reigns supreme as the No.1 FM Channel among target audiences that are relevant to marketers, i.e. in categories like youngsters, those with high educational qualifications, high-income professionals and those with high purchasing power. This commendable performance was in ‘Yesterday Listeners’ category.

Leadership in SEC AB & ABC:

With a listenership of 42.2%, Club FM is the No.1 in SEC (Socio-economic Class) AB category in the age group 25-44.

Club FM rules the roost with 44.4% listeners among those with a household income of above Rs.10, 000 in the SEC ABC category (age 25 – 44).

Young & affluent listeners prefer Club FM:

With a listenership of 57.4%, Club FM is the No.1 also among those with a monthly household income of more than Rs.15, 000 in SEC AB category, students aged 15-25.

No.1 in listenership among young working women:

Club FM tops among working women aged 25-45 in SEC ABC category bagging a listenership of 47.2%.

Leading FM channel among the educated youngsters:

With a listenership of 46%, Club FM is the leader among those with educational qualification of degree or above in the age groups 25- 45 in SEC ABC Category.

No: 1 also among businessmen and self-employed professionals:

Club FM is also ahead among officers and executives with a 35% listenership, among business people with 50.1% listenership and among the self employed professionals with a listenership of 54%.

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