Amrita Experiments With Cinema in Serial Episodes Format

Bicycle Thieves Premiering Amrita TV – From 23 June 2014 (Monday-Thursday at 9.00 P.M to 9.30 P.M)

Bicycle Thieves

Bicycle Thieves

Amrita TV is experimenting with a Cinema-Serial Format on Prime Time from June 23 (Monday-Thursday , 9 pm-9.30 pm). The Programme titled “Katha Thudarunnu” (The Story Continues). Depending on the duration of each film, it will run into 6-8 episodes.

Every episode will be prefaced with an update of what has transpired in the earlier episodes, for the benefit of those who may have missed an episode or two. Unlike the normal viewing of a movie where a viewer has to make available 2-3 hours at a stretch to see the movie, in this novel format the audience will have the flexibility to watch it across a few days without losing continuity.

The “Katha Thudarunnu” Series commences with a new generation Malayalm hit movie “Bicycle Thieves”, directed by Jis Joy, featuring hotshot stars such as Asif Ali & Aparna Gopinath.

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