Asianet Channel New Look – New Logo Of Asianet Channel

New High clarity Logo Of The Malayalam Channel Asianet

Asianet New Logo

Asianet New Logo

Asianet Is The Malayalam General Entertainment channel From Star India. Asianet Plus, Asianet Movies, Asianet News, Asianet Middle East are Channels from Asianet.

2 Responses

  1. Jyothish says:

    The quality of dances for the 16 th asianet awards was so appauling as none of the performers did take this seriously and just did for the sake of it except MJ5.

    And also everything was revolved around Mammootty and Mohanlal and other good actors of calibre was either ignored to overlooked.

  2. s.velayudhan nair says:

    it is very sorry to say that your interest to solve customer complint is very poor, last three days my two digital boxes were not working properly several times i have contacted your cc no but they were not interested to register the complint they want to aviod the customer by saying they will refresh and the complint will be solved by swich of and on this is the usual replay , by though fight i have registered a complint no AA 01098656 and after 24 hours nothing has been happened . This will force me to take legal steps ,or if your not interested customers like me you can settle our account by settling the amount which you have charged

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