Amrita TV’s Aarogya Varthakal Continues To Keep Vigil Over Keralites Health

Aarogya Varthakal

Aarogya Varthakal

A daily news bulletin that has transformed the treatment of television health programmes, Amrita TV’s Aarogya Varthakal presents breaking news global headers from the world of health, followed by consultations with top experts on a medical topic of current relevance.

Day after day at 1.30 pm, for half-an-hour Aarogya Varthakal doses its viewers  with amazing facts about wellness, startling breakthroughs in the treatment of maladies and new- found remedies for incurable illnesses, calling their attention to the latest updates in medicine that doesn’t usually make it to the newspapers of TV news dispatches.

As it paddles past 550 episodes worth of medical facts, cures and treatment of  ailments that has seen Keralites’ health take a turn for the better, Aarogya Varthakal’s guest register has   the names of almost all the top consultants from the Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Government Medical Colleges and  notable Private Hospitals in the State. During its reconnaissance of the medical world, the show has doctored to themes stretching from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, depression, Alzhemer’s disease; the dangers of overeating and resultant obesity; rising instances of cervical and breast cancers; developmental disorders like autism; rare surgical procedures such as kidney transplant, removal of nasal tooth ,the first of its kind in India and so on.

Continuing full steam ahead with its practice of examining topics of immediate popular interest, Aarogya Varthakal devotes this month of Karkkidakom to the annual rejuvenative therapy of Ayurveda, where eminent Ashta Vaidya physicians advices viewers on the benefits of Uzhichil, the re-vitalising influence of Karkkidaka Kanji, Karkkidaka Kashayam and other time tested medicated foods guaranteed to give a new lease of life .

Laid out in the format of a typical news communiqué, Aarogya Varthakal opens out with a news reader announcing 3-4 major headlines on all topics coming under the caption of medicine & healthcare. It scans into every organ system from the brain to bone ,covering specialties from neurology to urology, includes allied areas of diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise ,even roping in alternative systems to Allopathy , such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture etc into its orbit. Each news headline is checked up in detail to present a short information -laden feature generously illustrated with stills, graphics and video clippings.

Skilled practioners  from various specialties draw on their expertise to discuss a subject of public interest in the form of  a Q& A segment. The questions framed by the newsreader are aired from the point of view of the common man and the answers given in an easily digestible form, touching upon key points and capping it off with the latest developments to put the viewer in the know.

With a newsy edge to its presentation that keeps medical professionals in the loop while educating the public to take better care of themselves, Aarogya Varthakal is just what the doctor ordered , for Keralites.

Smitha Sivaji,Amrita TV

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