Amrita TV’s ‘The Truth’ Continues To Prevail Successfully

The Truth

The Truth

Amrita TV’s ‘The Truth’ which had been enlightening the general populace on vital issues relating to eminent personalities in  the centre-stage of society, is well into its second season. It is telecast every Sunday at 8.00pm.

An astutely penetrating celebrity chat series, The Truth lines up the most high brow, pugnacious and artful luminaries from the current political, social and cultural milieu.

In the direct, one to one encounter between the interviewer and interviewee, the presenter sets the ball rolling by lobbying  well researched and neatly phrased questions at the celebrity.

Though sensitive to the general scenario, the public may be in the dark about the dynamics of group politics, the intricacies of wheels within wheels or the supremacy tussles taking place in the inner sanctums of power. The anchor who on the other hand has the advantage of inside information and the benefit of background knowledge is able to frame precise, authoritative  questions that ring with the conviction of authentic details.

While being to the point, the questions are loaded  with facts that summarise the bare bones of  the matter, so that the viewer can grasp the backdrop and significance of the question and the answer that follows.

The masses who witness  the daily dramas being played out on the political arena may be full of misgivings on certain subjects. The Truth pegs its inquiries on these incidents as a result of which  the queries posed by the anchor are the very same questions, the common would have asked the celebrity, had he been able to meet him face to face.

Interviews may either be ‘issue based’ interrogations that chip away at some topics of current relevance or the ‘personality oriented’ conversation that dips into the individual’s childhood, youth, education etc to paint a portrait of the person. The Truth blends the best of both, so that at the end of each episode not only are issues sorted out  and controversies laid to rest but  the viewers also get a full character sketch of the celebrity.

Many presenters adopt a censorious and belligerent approach, often resorting to below the belt tactics that trip the celebrity into incriminating himself .The interview is reduced to an inquisition, a baiting exercise to extract delectable sound bytes.

The Truth never recourses to intimidatory  ploys that may transform the interview into a verbal wrestling match. Keeping in mind that the interviewee is an invited guest, the anchor plays the perfect host maintaining the niceties of hospitality. The questions may be blunt, but are delivered courteously with due civility and respect, never crossing the boundaries of decency or  decorum. This attitude invites confidence rather than compels replies, so that the guest parts with facts willingly.

The Truth offers the celebrities an opening  to make a clean breast of contentious affairs, to elaborate their stand on controversies or explain comments blown out of proportion thus helping to wipe away blots on their reputation; for the viewers, the show puts things in the right perspective so that they can view matters in the sparkling light of absolute truth.

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