Amrita TV’s Countdown To Onam, The Festival Of Flowers

Amrita TV Onam 2012

Amrita TV Onam 2012

Cleansed by the seasonal showers of the summer monsoons and attired in the landscape of lush green foliage, as Kerala gets ready to welcome King Bali with a garland of fresh- sprung flowers, Amrita TV lays out a floral carpet of programmes from August 20-27, as a warm- up to the main festivities of Onam.

Just as the delicate white Thumbapoo marks the arrival of Chingam, Kavikal Kavithakal begins each day’s celebrations with splendid eulogies in verse and rhyme to the spirit and grandeur of Onam by eminent bards of Malayalam at 7.30 am . Reminiscent of the Sankhupushpam whose praises have been sung from ancient times, Kalashetrangal tours our magnificent temples, well-springs of art and culture to pay homage to our illustrious legacy at 8.30 am .Bringing to mind the irresistible beauty of the rose-petaled Thamara, Laasyam unfolds into a compilation of Mohiniyattom performances at 9.00am, in which young danseuses carry out with sensuous grace, the temple dance of the temptress.

Comparable to the Mukkutti, those little clusters of golden yellow that adorns the countryside during Onam, Kaliyude Kaliyarangu, assortments of the best song and dance sequences from Amrita Awards Functions will delight the senses for one hour at 9.30 am. In the same gernre as the Asoka flower, that literally ‘gives no grief’, Pottichiriyude Kukuma Pattu at 11.30am,picks aces from Amrita TV’s comedy spools to present skits high on hilarity and brimming with grins, to wipe away woes from those who love their laughs and guffaws.

Akathalathile Ona Kazhchakal at 12 noon surprises political bigwigs of Kerala at their hearths, in the bosom of their families as Ramesh Chennithala, Thiruvanchuiyoor Ramakrishnan share their festival moments from their personal lives; Anoop Jacob basks in the thrill of his first ministerial festival since assuming office and Premachandran hops back through a blur of memories to fiercely fought pookalam competitions and Thiruvonam feast with his father, the only day of the year the taciturn father allowed his children to lunch with him.

Steeped in our folklore and culture like the Holy Basil, Ona Sadhya at 12.30pm , with Pazayidom Mohanan Namboothiri and serial actress Kavitha Nair at the helm, return to the fundamentals of the Onam feast to serve back-to-the basics traditional Ona payasams and conventional curries in all its vegetarian glory . Giving step-by-step instructions on the preparation of these rare dishes, they even offer sweet relief to diabetic patients denied the delicious desserts of Onam, in the form of Mulayadi Palpayasam. While Nature paints the courtyards bright with splashes of Chembarathi red, pink, white & yellow, Campus Onakkalam roams through the college campuses across the State at 5.00pm to join students festoon the grounds in the shades of fun and gaiety as the Utsav ambience resounds through the classrooms and corridors.

Presenting vintage movies from master directors during the Attham special screenings starts off with Ore Kadal, Shyamaprasad’s finely crafted adaptation of a classic that explores the turbulent undercurrents of an illicit relationship at 2 pm on August 20th . Classmates , a blockbuster that took box-office returns to dizzy heights by cleverly combining campus nostalgia with a murder mystery will be aired at 2pm 0n August 21st ; Jayaraj’s Loudspeaker which follows at 2pm on August 22nd is a study in contrast between a reclusive astrophysicist and a boisterous rustic and the changes the latter effects in the former when they are thrown together; a feel-good entertainer from the stables of Sathyan Anthicaud, the socially significant Innathe Chintavishayam with Mohan Lal and Meera Jasmine in the lead at 2pm on the 23rd examines the malaise creeping into marital relationships and the reasons why marriages fall apart .

A pure family drama cruising forward on comedy that carries the unmistakable seal of the Anthicaud brand, Vinoda Yatra starring Dileep, Meera Jasmine and Mukesh fills the 2pm slot on August 24th .Inspector General, a cop story by B.Unnikrishnan with Suresh Gopi as the quintessential upright police officer who takes on the terror outfits and comes out tops will be telecast on August 25th at 2pm. Amal Nerad’s gangster film Sagar Alias Jackie that comes on air at 2pm on the 26th , an action thriller with Mohanlal as a powerful underworld don has Shobhana and Bhavana as his heroines. Renjith’s directorial debut Ravana Prabhu at 2pm on August 27th a classic in Malayalam along with its prequel Devasuram which stars Mohanlal in a dual father son role, winds up the special movie segment.

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