Amrita TV’s ‘Cinema Karyangal’ Acquires A Sheen Of Silver

Amrita TV’s ‘Cinema Karyangal’ Acquires A Sheen Of Silver

Cinema Karyangal 25th Episode

Cinema Karyangal 25th Episode

Cinema Karyangal, Amrita TV’s illuminating programme that sheds light on the making of the Motion Picture, is heading towards its silver jubilee episode on June 13th .

Telecast at 11.30am every Sunday morning and  anchored by ace director Lal Jose,  Cinema Karyangal had, over the past 6 months been meticulously explaining the mysteries and marvels of Film Production that had baffled and fascinated the public for long.

Cinema Karyangal celebrates this important landmark in its history by unveiling a spectacular feature that explores the engrossing world of  computer graphics and its limitless possibilities in films.

The technique of ‘crowd formation’ where a small group of 10 or 12 multiplies into mammoth rallies and massive armies ; how the fire erupts sky-high behind the fleeing hero in the explosion scenes in action films  ; by what means the spine chilling collisions in which cars and trucks somersault into mid air occur ; the modus operandi behind natural disasters like floods that sweep away entire villages in its deluge – the secrets of these and other breath-taking effects created through the magical ingenuity of graphics are revealed in detail.

The topmost graphic designers of the South Indian Film Industry, whose technical skill and dynamic imagination were behind the box office success of many hits, explain the perpetual challenges of their profession and how they use their craft to transform the scene s of the scripts to stunning visuals on screen.

The climax of this unforgettable episode is an interview with the brains behind the graphic wonders of  ‘Enthiran’, forthcoming Tamil mega block buster which has been 2 years in the making , for which the twice National Award winner toiled round the clock .

Cinema Karyangal will carry on with its aim of delivering privileged information on the Art and Technique of Cinema privy only to film folk, accomplishing many more milestones along its journey.

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  1. Suresh says:

    It is a very nice and different program. I could watch only couple of episode since i don’t have access to tv. Can i somehow watch those episodes?

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