Amrita TV’s ‘Aarogya Varthakal’ To Maintain Keralites In The Pink Of Health

Aarogya Varthakal

Aarogya Varthakal

Amrita TV has taken upon itself the task of keeping Keralites in great shape with a must see bulletin on health Aarogya Varthakal, that comes sharp on the heels of its avant-garde daily news dispatch on education.

Aarogya Varthakal  which  launched itself onto the airwaves on November 15th, carries the rare distinction of being the first ever daily health bulletin in Malayalam TV history.

On air everyday at 1.30 noon, this 30 minute communiqué is earmarked for transmitting mainstream news  on health, medicine fitness and beauty, delivering it hot off the press.

Standard bulletins do carry breaking news items from the world of health but these are once in a while upgrades. Health shows  that  are the bread and butter components of a channel’s  programme content, usually tracks after fitness  regimes, beauty diets or specialist interviews, but don’t focus on the news that is doing the rounds at the moment.

There was a yawning need for regular, on- the-spot health updates and to Aarogya Varthakal  goes the honor of becoming the first full fledged daily bulletin, reserved body and soul to health news, from headlines to sign-off.

The programme pools the contrasting qualities of 2 distinct genres, blending the ‘current’ nature and crispness of news reports with the narrative quality and visual richness of feature shows to present 30 minutes of real infotainment.

Aarogya Vaarthakal   is divided into 11 concise segments, opening with Headlines, captions that highlight the major news of the day from the sphere of health; Top Story , revolving around one major item that is hogging the limelight; Clinic that  places a particular disease on centre stage and  discusses its causes, treatment and remedies using visuals and voice over, interspersed with expert bytes; Doctor Parayunnu, a tele-in with a specialist ; Health Tips gives useful cues, advice, suggestions on maintaining  perfect health; Aarogya Rahasyam reveals the secrets behind the robust health of celebrities well into their 70’s and 80’s; Aarogya Bhakshanam, all about health  foods that not only nourish but heal and even rejuvenate;  Pharma Copia analyses the chemical constituents of common medicines, its advantages and side effects; Medical Updates; Vyayamam, accounts of exercise regimes in various systems aerobics, yoga etc  and Mukhasree, tips on maintaining and enhancing natural beauty.

The segment Health Tips will be anchored by a unique personality Mr. Doctor, an animated character, the first time such an innovation is tried out in Indian Television.

By rounding up the newest improvements and  up gradations in the field of medicine and acquainting the Keralite day after day, Aarogya Vaarthakal  will increase awareness of healthcare, make them keep a sharp look out on their well being and  ensure that they become the very picture of health.

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