Amrita TV Weekends Movies – Thalasthanam and Inspector Garud

Thalasthanam – 2 April 2011 Saturday at 3.30 PM IST

Directed by : Shaji Kailas
Produced by : S. Henry
Written by  : Renji Panikkar
Starring    : Suresh Gopi, Narendra Prasad, Vijaya Kumar, Ashokan, Geetha etc

Inspector Garud  – 3 April 2011 Sunday at 2.30 PM IST

Inspector Garud

Inspector Garud

Inspector Garud has Police Inspector Madhavan Kutty (Dileep)as a very corrupt officer who would do any dirty work for money. He became Inspector not through the right channel but by paying 15 lakhs as bribe. So he is now bound on getting his money back through bribes. He is nicknamed Inspector Garud, for getting his job done fast like a hawk.

A consignment of arms reaches Kochi meant for LTTE and the villain, Chettiar is keeping it in a colony run by him. An honest cop Rajan Joseph (Lalu Alex) discovers the plot but is sacked by the Home minister. Garud saves Chettiar and at the same time rips him off.Meanwhile, Madhavan Kutty is humiliated by the new Sub Collector Sethulakshmi (Kavya Madhavan) who makes him apologize to her in front of the Vanitha Commission. He takes revenge by working out a marriage with Sethulakshmi under pressure leading to further complications.

Finally Garud has a change of heart and turns a new leaf and takes on the baddies.

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