Amrita TV Lines Up Vacation Specials For Its Young Audience

Amrita TV

Amrita TV

With the beginning of the two month long annual mid-summer holidays, children who have been delivered from the daily grind of school and homework, find time beginning to hang heavily on their hands.

Amrita TV pampers its kid viewers, freshly liberated from lessons and exams, with programmes that have immense child-appeal: film adaptations of famous children’s classics such as Mowgli, Malgudi Days & Tarzan.

This kid’s band devised to capture their hearts and eyeballs alike, will be telecast during weekdays Monday to Friday at 5 pm.

Mowgli the protagonist of Rudyard Kipling’s all time favourite, The Jungle Book, is the imaginative tale of a young boy who was separated from his parents as a baby during a tiger attack and raised by wild wolves in the deep Indian Jungles, as one of the pack.

Edgar  Rice Burrough’s Tarzan, one of literature’s best known characters narrates the story of the ape-man born in Africa and adopted by a she ape; Malgudi Days is a series based on R.K Narayan’s renowned work that gives an account of the daily exploits of 10- year old Swami and his friends in the quaint little town of Malgudi.

The live-action visualization of unforgettable literary masterpieces that will give its young viewers a taste of the world’s timeless classics, has been dubbed into Malayalam for better understanding.

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