Amrita TV’s Programme Sparklers Adds Glitter to the Festival of Lights

Amrita TV’s Programme Sparklers Adds Glitter to the Festival of Lights

Kerala Cafe

Kerala Cafe

When the splendour of a zillion lamps announces the arrival of Diwali across the subcontinent, Amrita TV enhances its radiance by lighting the wick of a row of festive specials on November 5th.

Illuminating the duskiness of daybreak on Diwali day will be an exclusive episode of Udayamritham at 6.30 am.

A one and a half hour revelry of dance and music, Amrita Hit Aaghosham with high watt  performances from the brightest talent of the playback industry- Karthik, Biju Narayanan, Renjith, Jyothsna, Sayanora, Shamna Kasim will heighten the luster of the forenoon from 9 am.

As the burnished lamp in the skies ascends to its high noon, Swarnachamaram presents a string of timeless Diwali classic at 11.30 am from Prem Nasir, Kamalhassan, Vidhubala to Balraj Sahni, Chetan Anand and Sivaji Ganeshan.

At 1.30 pm, while the sun ignites the heaven with its blaze, Q-Matrix sets the screen on fire with a special episode.

The pyrotechnics start early on Amrita TV at 2.30 pm with  Varnolsavangalude Vedikkettu, a lucid documentary that spreads light on the fireworks industry in Kerala, traces its origin, its sparkling use in temple and church festivals including the Thrissur Pooram, new varieties in the  firecracker field etc.

Kerala Café, a bold experiment in the portmanteau format with a medley of ten films showcasing ten directors bound together by a common theme, that lit the flare of innovation in Malayalam films is slated in the 3.30pm slot.

As the movie winds into its last reel, outside, in a dazzling display of pyrotechnics, rockets, flares and other fireworks explode into patterns of brilliance in the night screen, signaling the end of another Festival of Lights.

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