Amrita Television Takes Its Own Measures With Citizen Impact

Best Citizen Journalist

Best Citizen Journalist

When a channel casts a programme in a hitherto unseen mould, then it is worthwhile to estimate the extent of its impact. Amrita TV’s ‘Citizen Impact’ is the vital postscript, the indispensable epilogue to its ‘Best Citizen Journalist’.

A genuine original, Best Citizen Journalist’ was the 1st news based reality show to grace world television ; it was designed to unearth and mould citizen journalists who are not professional newsmen, but who nevertheless have a nose for news.

The contestants of ‘Best Citizen Journalist’ had to tackle a number of rounds such as Breaking news, Anti-corruption, Environmental issues wherein, they were expected to come up with exclusives in each category. In their race to find a scoop for the next round, they rarely had time to trace their story to the end of the trail or to ascertain whether or not justice had been meted out.

As a result, the viewers were aroused from their habitual complacency by the expose – then left high and dry. This is akin to asking an audience engrossed in a play, to go home before the final act or like starting off the block and abandoning the race in mid track.

‘Citizen Impact’ follows up the leads of Best Citizen Journalist’ and completes the report. It explores the outcome of the stories filed by the Citizen Journalists of Best Citizen Journalist and takes stock of the impact it has made, through a detailed feed-back from the figures who played a role in the story.

Clippings of the report whose effects are being explored will be shown first, followed by incisive interviews and revealing sound bites from the persons directly or indirectly involved in the case, the entire episode being anchored by a competent journalist.

By providing answers to the questions ‘How did it end?’ ‘Were the culprits nabbed?’it goes the extra mile and completes the last lap of the race. Citizen Impact is the last Act of the play, the grand denouement of the story wherein all loose ends are tied up, puzzling twists become clear and missing links are explained.

Citizen Impact will be telecast every Sunday at 10.30 pm, from December 7th.

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