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Asianet Starting a New serial Ammakkili, Everey Monday to Friday at 7.30 P.m Starting on 4 April 2011.

This new serial is a story of a loving mother’s sacrifices and sufferings for the sake of her husband and her three daughters. Watch to see what happens to the family when they encounter certain people who are bent on hassling them. Produced by Sandra Communications and directed by Faisal Adimadi, the serial stars well-known small screen faces such as Seema, Archana, Kumarakom Reghunath and so on.

Ammakkili is directed by Faizal Adimadi and Ammakkili id Produced by Sandras Communications. Seema, Archana, Kumarakam Reghunath, Dr. Shaju are the the main actors of the new serial Ammakkili.

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  1. Rahul says:

    A lovly family….!

  2. Rahul says:

    A lovely family….!

  3. anu says:

    this serial is getting bored. it was good at the beging

  4. aswathy says:

    really this serial getting bore,a girl from a good family do not behave this(elder sister in this serial) and also she is educated.i think a girl like her cannot behave like this,i also have a younger sister so i know the love and affection between sisters,who wrote this idiot story ?what do you think about viewers? we are not fools,me and my family stop watching this serial.Harichandanam also getting bore,unnimaya patience is very much over,but you just think about onething,we are not like unnimaya .we will react…………………………… ASIANET serials are getting bore except KUMKUMAPOO.Now SURYA TV is superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.both CHAKRAVAGAM AND NILAVILAKE superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  5. prasad says:

    ASIANET Can u plz stop baiju devrajs serials.its a riquest .its really boaring.what do you think about viewers? we are not fools,me and my family stop watching this serial.
    KUMKUMAPOO is superbbbbbbbbbbbbbb & Idea Star Singer Season 5
    is Avarage.Plz change renjini from Season 6.

  6. Anjana says:

    what nonsense is this serial called ammakili???? Does th director of the so called serial has a brain or does he think malayalies r dumb????

    Please try making some sense…is tht family so stupid..OMG wt crap??

  7. nithin says:

    hai,i am an engg. student….i dont watch serials. but one day i saw it when the girl in this story was raped and becomes shocked………. her acting was so mind blowing… i think her name is gopu in this ……….

  8. prakash says:

    actually i am watching most of the serials but this i cant.what the director or the whole crew is doing,making the viewers fool.u are reducing the quality of great actress seema also

  9. vishnu says:

    ammakili… this a serial????
    is really getting bored
    people r not fools
    i will thank if u change the story

  10. Jimi joseph says:

    Enthu serial aanu ithu,valare bore aanu..
    Ella makkalum orfen aanu..bad story…pinne,kumkumappoo superb…i love salini & professer…

  11. deepa says:

    kumkumapoo super. pinne manoramayile aleenayude aduthethiyilla.

  12. Remya says:

    This serial was good only at the first episodes . But now it is very bored so pls change the story

  13. shanthi says:

    yes ammakkili was very good in the beginning,,,,,,but seema and her husband and their brilliantr daughter devika, ,,all are intelligent people… why devika and nirmala too does not disclose the truth they know about dr.koshy..? nirmala is a good mother ,but why she is giving so much troubles to the noble Dr.Hariprasad…this is too much….after doing the blood test there were many chances where they could disclose the truth about Dr.Koshys cheating …. making the viewers fools…? if the producer want to prolong the episodes ,he should be clever enough to make the story interesting to the viewers……the only interesting thing is THE ACTORS…..ALL THE CHARACTRS ARE DOING THEIR ROLES BEST……but storywise….so poor…….

  14. Siddique says:

    Can u name ammakilli serial police officer real name nd his contact I’d pls

  15. nIVII says:

    Ammakili serial has turned out to be so stupid… It was good in the beggining… Now extremely boring plot… Y dont asianet pull it off the air and come up with a new one..??? The producers and the channel wants to just drag it for episode count.. Thumbs Downn Asianet..

  16. Annie Joseph says:


    This is such A BORE no reality at all…………… can any daughter love her father who has berayed her mother to such an extent,or is this the modern thinking. Is the director busy with some other serial? Is bella pretending to love her father, then there is .000001% hope for viewing. just wind it gracefully.

  17. Buz says:

    Ammakilli Serial is very very boring. The main character “Bella” ,, firstly cut her hair. otherwise, avaludey thalachooru elagi pokum…… what character is assigned to “Bella”.. Please stop all the serial directed by “baiju devaraj” in the asianet channel. otherwise, the quality of the Asianet will goes down.. So please beware of “baiju devaraj” serials…….

  18. tracy says:

    There is a new character by the name Alex Samuel in the story. He has been set up by Devika to trap Bella. Who is he? Does anyone know his actual name?

  19. AKHIL says:

    Pls comment the seema s 2 daughters full name and details ASAP.

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