Aarogya Varthakal – Amrita TV Launches First Daily Health News Bulletin in Kerala

Aarogya Varthakal – Program Timing : Mon – Fri at 1.30 PM and Sat & Sun at 7.30 AM

Aarogya Varthakal

Aarogya Varthakal

Amrita TV introduces Aarogya Vaarthakal, the first ever daily health news bulletin in Malayalam television history, devoted entirely to health, beauty and fitness beginning from Monday, November 15th.

This 30 minute bulletin will be telecast everyday of the week at 1.30pm from Monday to Friday and 7.30 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Aarogya Vaarthakal  brings the latest advances and developments in every field of medical specialty from cardiology to pediatrics to neurology, even including alternate medicine- curative  methods that does not come under the label of traditional medicine – under its purview.

While updating its viewers on matters medical, the programme will also cover the breakthroughs achieved in medical research around the world, new methods of treatment available for chronic ailments, prominent hospitals in the State and the special facilities available in each, eminent individuals in health and allied areas etc.

Aarogya Vaarthakal   is divided into 11 concise segments, opening with Headlines, captions that highlight the major news of the day from the sphere of health; Top Story ; Clinic that  focuses on one particular disease and discusses its causes, treatment and remedies ; Doctor Parayunnu, a tele-in with a specialist ; Health Tips which gives useful nuggets of information; Aarogya Rahasyam that reveals the secrets behind the robust health of celebrities well into their 70’s and 80’s; Aarogya Bhakshanam, all about healthy food habits ;  Pharma Copia which deciphers the mysteries of  the medicine; Medical Updates; Vyayamam, accounts of exercise regimes  and Mukhasree, tips on maintaining beauty.

The segment Health Tips will be anchored by a unique personality Mr. Doctor, an animated character, the first time such an innovation is tried out in Indian Television.

By rounding up the newest improvements and  up gradations in the field of medicine and keeping Keralites posted day after day, Aarogya Vaarthakal  will, in the ensuing days increase awareness of healthcare, make them punctilious about their well being and contribute to improving the general health of the Malayalee  populace.