250th Episode Celebrations at Idea Star Singer:Season 4 on Asianet

250th Episode Celebrations at Idea Star Singer Season 4

250th Episode Celebrations at Idea Star Singer Season 4

250th Episode Celebrations at Idea Star Singer:Season 4 on Asianet

South Indian televison’s  popular reality show “Idea Star Singer:Season 4”to find the most talented young singer,is celebrating the completion of 250 episodes. Popular Film star Dilip was the  chief guest for the special event . Veteran Play back Singer P.Jayachandran , Asianet’s Senior Vice President(Programmes) R.Sreekandan Nair, Idea Sr.Manager Sasidharan Nair , Jury members Sarath, K.S.Chithra , M.G.Sreekumar etc were some of the special dignitaries who attended the ceremony.

P.Jayachandran was felicitated( Gurupooja) by Dilip and the contestants of Idea Star Singer:Season 4, for his outstanding contributions to Malayalam cinema.

Viewers from all over the world tune in to watch the show that has seen some of the best musical talents in Kerala,wherein contestants battle it out for the top slot. Film stars , musicians and celebrities from various walks of life will appear as special guests in every episode of the show.

The 150th episode celebrations will be a mélange of glamour, music and showmanship. The contestants showed their multi talented skills  by performing dance, skits, acrobatic performances and needless to say rendered melodious , fast and peppy numbers specially for their dear viewers.

Other Cine/TV Stars such as Sarayu Mohan, Kavitha Nair, Aswathy, Binda, Archana , Mythili and other comedy artistes from TV/ Film industry , along with acrobatic magical performance by Magician Samraj also entertained the viewers.

Asianet is all set to telecast the 250th episode celebrations of “Idea Star Singer – Season 4 in four parts,ie.on May 6th & 7th and May 10th  &  May 11th  2010 at 8.30 PM  IST ( 20.30 Hrs ).

11 Responses

  1. sreedas.p.s says:

    yesterdays dannys perfomens was brilliant

  2. mary rajan says:

    halo i wanted to say something for todays program.17th5.2010.sreekuttam must know what is the capacity of this children. they are not like u,jayachandran or yeshudass…comparing to those 2 you are nothing..but you thinking you are far better.the same way only they thinking.danny is a straight forward man. jai.ho danny.should not bend your head for this show piece program.ranjjini doesnt have the voice to tell those words. who is she?why the judges sitting there? if shika is better than danny, then why you pple sent her bk?anju joseph is telling i was v. bad this time…dont know why this danny have a good straight heart for.we the audiance have a fear now, will sreekumar n ranjjini take revenge on danny?..this time really, sreekuttans performence n comments was v. good.but you said about danny was ..really bad…judges plese understand the childrens pain.encourage them.dont let them down.

  3. oh know says:

    wat danny did was wrong he said he’d quit and continued nothing’s wrong with ranjini’s and mg’s comment they said it to console her sry danny fans

  4. Sasidharan says:

    Danny is brilliant and straightforward.Anju Joseph is also great.It seems that tey are hooked and cornered. That is bad. There is a soft corner for Nayana also. The judgement should be impartial.

  5. jadoo says:

    no comments

  6. Makkoose says:

    Dear MG, I liked your comments most of the time. I liked most of your style too. But not when you compared one singer over the other infront of the global audience. No matter what justification you bring, that comment put you at the bottom of the list. I don’t have any comment on Renjini, the self proclaimed goddess of all the reality show. Who she thinks she is? kurachu kurachu ariyunna punnara p…… I don’t care , if it is Danny or any other contestant. The incident could have been avoided. Danny should have just left the show that would have made him the “MAN”. But he continued and bunked out so poorly.

  7. geethu says:

    i liked all performances.

  8. Aarathy says:

    I’ve voted for my favorite contestant. Join me now if you Would you like to predict the winner of ISS4? Take part in the Poll conducted by TVinfo http://poll.fm/23mbx

  9. angel says:

    sreenath all the best

  10. pushpa says:

    jobby all the best

  11. angel says:

    sreenath i am ur great fan all the best

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