Surya Music – Malayalam Musical Channel From Sun Network

Kerala’s First 24 Hours Musical Channel From Sun Network Is Coming Soon

Surya Music

Surya Music

Sun Network Is Launching a New Music Channel For Viewers, The channel Name Is Surya Music. Will Very soon Update The Launch Date Of The Channel Surya Music, Its Program Schedule, High Clarity Logo etc. Stay Tuned and Get Ready For the Musical Feast.

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  1. this mail is on your programme on Yesudas – Swantham Dasettan – which is being telecast on every week days at 7 pm. The songs are repeated – he has sung so many thousands and thousands of songs in Malayalam itself and why is his songs repeated ? The presenter of the songs is a big waste of time – singing all the “pallavi” of the songs in her own style and in wrong manner – that much time could have been saved to telecast atleast one or two of the great man’s voice – on one day – it think it was on last friday, one song solely sung by a female singer was kept for this programme – how come Yesudas’s voice became a female singers voice? Then the title of the songs telecast are also wrong – for example: one song from the film Ulkadal, it was given as “Shyamambaram….” the song which was kept previously – then the spelling of the songs/films are also totally wrong – for the film Vietnam Colony, you have mentioned it as Vietnam Colonu – which is wrong for a telecasting channel – such petty mistakes could have been avoided by a telecasting channel if the programme is checked and kept by someone with some music sense. please do not insult the Big Man YESUDAS.

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