Karyam Nissaram – New Comedy Serial On Kairali TV

Karyam Nissaram

Karyam Nissaram

Karyam Nissaram

Kairali TV Is Launching a New Malayalam Comedy Serial ” Karyam Nissaram “. Karyam Nissaram Starting on 1st October 2012 at 9.00 P.M, Every Monday To Thursday. This Serial Tell The Story Of Mohanakrishnan and Sathyabhama. Mohanakrishnan is a Tahasildar and Sathyabhama is a Lawyer. Its directed by Unni Cherian. Aneesh Ravi playing the role of mohanakrishnan. Anu Joseph Playing the Role of Sathyabhama.

  Karyam Nissaram Serial On Kairali TV Completing 1000 Successful Episodes

5 Responses

  1. Roopesh k says:

    I am a regular viewer of ” Karyam Nisaram ” , Fantastic TV serial i have ever seen,
    Program gives a lots to learn. covered all our life’s small issues and presented in
    a comedy way. Thanks to kairali channel

    Special Thanks to Mohan Krishnan & Sathya Bhama

    Keep it up , Cheers !!!!

    • Padma says:

      I also had the very same opinion on Karyam Nissaram but now its too much. Anything if its too much its bad. The same old story, accusations, etc etc. For all the solutions both of them had a third party Uthaman.

      Its high time to change the story, dialogue and the canvas should be bit more bigger. these two persons are not young couple to play with the story like todays. one mad man puts a love letter and the gentle village Officer dashing after him. Is his wife a character like that? Is she not a prudent advocate? How many days the same story wove around for this? Please dont befool the common public. Try some home work and make people happy watching Karyam Nissaram.

      Both stand the same place on all these days. Make up is so horrible. Try to be more life like. Thank you

  2. Aaron says:

    I am regular viewer of This Serial, i am watching only this serial, Its Quality is very good, all the best wishes to the Karyam Nissaram Team.

  3. rajeev says:

    why when satyabhama is so well dressed, Mohan krishnan is always dressed in vests….pathetic costume sense….must say…but the content of the serail and the hlarity is fabulous…..I have watched this erial since years without missing a single episode. I think the director will take cognisance of the mistake i threw some light upon.

  4. rajeev says:

    Also Satyabhama’s costumes can be be more in tune with the modern times….and not pandering to a very strict old viewership

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