Sthree Dhanam – New Malayalam Television Serial On Asianet

Sthree Dhanam Malayalam Television Serial On Asianet, Starting on 2nd July 2012 at 6.00 P.M

Sthree Dhanam

Sthree Dhanam

Asianet Telecasting a New Malayalam Television Serial ” Sthree Dhanam ” From 2nd July 2012. Watch Sthree Dhanam Malayalam Serial Every Monday To Friday at 6.00 P.M Only On Asianet.

Sthree Dhanam

Sthree Dhanam

Divya Vishwanath in the Lead Role, Vidhya, (Name of Sthreedhanam Serial Actress is Divya Vishwanath).



  Asianet Television Awards Telecast On 10th and 11th June 2017 at 7.00 PM

20 Responses

  1. Surendran says:

    This is about the Sthreedhanam serial being telecast in Asianet from Monday to Friday. I take this opportunity to express my views on this serial. The Director of the serial has been trying to be-fool the viewers of the serial. In the present circumstance, no husband ( whatsoever) would allow his wife to be harassed by anybody( even if it is mother) on any account. Nor any daughter-in-law ( even if she is from a very poor family) would tolerate her husband to be an impotent like this or her mother-in-law to act like this against her. She would definitely retaliate, at-least in her own way. Mother-in-law is sidelining the first daughter-in-law of the house as only a kitchen servant, even trying to send her to the house of her son-in-law as servant, just for the reason of Sthreedhanam. Would it happen anywhere in Kerala, or for that reason in India. All absurd. It is my humble suggestion to the Director of the serial that be reasonable in making the serial, because all the episodes hitherto telecast were baseless/unjustifiable/and totally absurd. Please do not try to be-fool the viewers anymore.

  2. Surendran says:

    Amma Serial. All the episodes are unjustifiable. Do not telecast such serials as these serials would spoil the mind of Women. In all the serials Women have been branded as cruel characters.

  3. Beena says:

    what Mr. surendran told is very correct. As Child labour is banned , in this serial children were making doing jobs in tea stall, home etc. and to add that chinnu is doing the work in a fool advoate(s) family. horrible no? i

  4. sujaya says:

    i have a request to this director to stop this type of ridiculous serials.Whether the wretched women is coming from street. Please try to stop this aeap

  5. ANOOP says:

    Sreedhanam, one of the worst seriel i have ever seen in my whole life. An unbelievable story,
    overacting etc totally makes ones fool the entire scene

  6. surendran says:

    Sreedhanam serial has become one of the worst serials which countenance the illegal activities of a wife with the help of mother-in-law, thereby cheating the husband/son, by grafting. In fact, the viewers would not develop any sympathy on Divya, the harrowed wife, because of her continued reticence testing the forbearance of herself and viewers. Her mother-in-law was crossing beyond the limit even casting aspersions against divya’s father by even telling that ” Ayale thekkottu edukkumbol” ” Kalla koottangal” “anujathiye vittu Kasakkumbol” etc. It is high time that the serial be stopped forthwith. It only justifies injustice/illegal activities at the cost of moral values.

  7. surendran says:

    The question is for director, script writer and producer – Touch your conscious and sincerely disclose that could you all digest the episodes of sreedhanam.? Or would you all lurching in dark to find out a solution to conclude this serial? Please-for gods sake – stop this ridiculous serial, lest, the women folk would sharply react?

  8. saraswathi says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please as told by all the commentators, this serial is really useless in this present generation. If a girl is bringing money to the in law place she can do what ever illegal activities and all. One more very stupid incident, she is pregnant and she herself aborted the kid and putting all the blame to the other girl. Is this really happening. Even in the film sreethanam this much harassment was not there. Please stop this serial or please change the content of the serial. Otherwise women will turn against you very seriously.

    Please don’t telecast this serial for ever sake

  9. surendran says:

    Well said Ms.Saraswathi madam, well said. I think this is the first reaction of its real sense. Such kind of reactions should come from others also. In fact, those who were watching this serial as well as amma serial, were not watching with real interest, but for ascertaining how much damage these serials, would make to the society. Women folk should not allow such serials. Very strange.

  10. surendran says:

    Well said Ms.Saraswathi madam, well said. I think this is the first reaction of its real sense. Such kind of reactions should come from others also. In fact, those who were watching this serial as well as amma serial, were not watching with real interest, but for ascertaining how much damage these serials, would make to the society. Women folk should not allow such serials. Very strange.

  11. surendran says:

    The prurient hilarity, being enjoyed by Sethulakshmi/Prema/Veni et al, out of the harassment meted out to Dhivya, an ideal wife/daughter-in-law and what not, must be giving another joy to Director/Script writer/producer, but definitely not to the viewers. The harrowed daughter-in-law -Dhivya must be feeling hatred even against herself for leading such a harrowed life, being silently witnessed by her husband( such a senseless husband). His mother unleashes unscrupulous allegations against his wife and he simply listens it as if his mother is authorized to do so at any given time. Any how no mother/mother-in-law would stand on their way blocking their progressive opportunities and here mother-in-law could be expected to do so because of the hatred developed against her daughter-in-law. If such situations continue, what would be the fate of Dhivya, the daughter-in-law…. only god knows – even not the Director-script writer-producer and above all the viewers. Very nice story and such kind of 1000 stories are most welcome director.

  12. vijay says:

    sredhanam serial enkku istapettu pakche villi actress acting adipoli

  13. vijay says:

    sreedhanam gnan adhyamayittu kanunnu enikku istapettu
    divya viswanath acting adipoli

  14. Aleena says:

    I like Vidya Very Much, What is the Real Name Of Vidya In Sthreedhanam Serial ?.

  15. Manasa says:

    why are you now not uploading Latest Episodes of Sthreedhanam Serial ?. Please Resume it. Its a Request.

  16. Raju says:

    A group of talented artists working with a sadist for payment. It should be for the age 12+.
    And this is shame for the popular Malayalam channel.

  17. Neetu says:

    Sreedhanam is a serial which all malayalees should oppose …. It’s too sad it’s being aired in spite of the several negative comments…. ASIA NET… Are u listening. Don’t u check the type of serials u air. The language is atrocious. Men are made to look fools and that stupid mother in law has no regard for the husband sons and all out to act like a low class woman who is ready to do anything for money. Is this the standard that our Malayalam serials set…it’s just to sad as u meander around making the viewers fools. Please stop this nonsense.

  18. Ananthu R Krishnan says:

    Recently I saw an episode of sthree-dhanam, what a hell is that?!

    It is very strange to hear the characters names like Mathi, Netholi, an uncultured grandmother who spoils all the dignity and qualities of a mother. For me as concerned, It is not at all acceptable it to view it in a cultured family.The language using for the communication among the characters also ridiculous , sub standard. A serial means it must have a strong moral. Do you know, our TV shows has got a greater influence among the children for there character developing and even in behaviour too. What a mother-in-law is that? Is she is a human being or a criminal minded? I really thumps down towards the script writer.

    I have one request to broadcasting authority, Please make a censoring team before the telecast. Please don’t kill the values of MEN. I think its better to telecast after the prime time.

  19. fnamelname says:

    that person who made amma serial must fear God. very distasteful serial

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