Sakhi TV – The Complete Channel You Can Stand By

Sakhi Television

Sakhi Television

The Sakhi Television Channel starts it’s operations today with the rare distinction of being the first complete Malayalam Channel for women in the history of Indian visual media. Sakhi Tv comes in to being as a channel that will not only host a variety of programs that are catered to a female demographic but will also have a focus on the empowerment of the average lady and to encourage her to enforce her rights as a citizen under the banner of SAKHI TELEVISION COMMUNICATION LTD.

The activities of Sakhi TV shall not be confirmed to programing and broadcasting as we propose to launch a spectrum of socially responsible and charitable activities. Once among these shall be a 24*7 HELPLINE for women and children. Along with a novel approach in the area of broadcast programing. The company has setup “ SAKHI TV CHARITABLE SOCIETY “ in all districts across Kerala.

Sakhi TV is comprised of an exceeding number of women in various positions within the fold of the company, at our helm of affairs to those in the production team. Beyond broadcasting programs in MALAYLAM, SAKHI TV shall broadcast its Programs in Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi languages in the near future. Initially we intend also to broadcast entertainment programs and later diversify our operations into news based features and much more.

Ganesh Kumar

Ganesh Kumar

I have been an advocate for Women’s Rights for some years now and I am produ to head the company as the Chairperson, Mr. Sreeraj Menon shall be the Managing Director. Noted South Indian actress Urvashi Sharada will be the chief patroness. The affairs of the channel shall be headed by renowned Director, Mr. Rajasenan who is the CEO. Actress Mrs. Bindu Balakrishnan and Mrs. Simi Rose Beljohn are the Vice Chairpersons of the company and Mr. Kollam Panicker is the president of the Sakhi Charitable  Society.

Other dignitaries in our Director Board are Mr. Hariprasad, Mrs Suman R, Mrs Manju Sugathan, Mr. Mohan Sasthamkotta and Mr. Nabeeb Bin Hassan.

The channel plans to start broadcast by the end of this year with a vibrant explosion on to television screens all-round with a dazzling visual feasts created using the latest technology. Today we are witnessing history in the making for a state has such a rich matrilineal legacy and the preview and launch of Sakhi Tv is the first of much to come from our team.



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