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Achante Ponnu Makkal – 2 July 2011 Saturday at 2.30 PM IST

Achante Ponnu Makkal

Achante Ponnu Makkal

Direction : Akhilesh Guruvilas
Producer : vikramji Thiruvallor
Music : Joy Madhavan
Cast : Murali, Saikumar, Prem Kumar, Karthika etc

Parunthu – 3 July 2011 Sunday at 2.30 PM IST



Story – Blade Purushottaman (Mammootty), nicknamed Parunthu Purushu for the way he preys on his targets, is a heartless financier. His rude and insulting ways of talking to people who owe him money have hurt many people. Once Parunthu spoils the betrothal ceremony of Rakhi (Lakshmy Rai), the daughter of a Gujarati businessman Hemanth Bhai (Jagathy Sreekumar), who owes Parunthu a large sum. After the death of Hemanth Bhai, Rakhi takes money from Azeez, who is Purushu’s rival from childhood. But for Azeez it was a trap and he wants more than money in return.



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