Amrita Tv Weekend Movies – Utharam and Patham Adhyayam

Utharam – 11 June 2011 Saturday at 2.30 PM IST



The movie is based on No Motive by Daphne Du Maurier. Selina Joseph (Suparna) is a poetess who was leading a very happy family life. But on a very ‘usual’ day, she committed suicide by shooting herself by her husband’s (Mathew Joseph, played by Sukumaran) gun. Balachandran alias Balu(Mammootty) is a friend of Mathew and is a journalist in Delhi. Mathew asks Balu to find out the reason behind his wife’s untimely suicide. Balu unfolds the truths behind her death with the help of her childhood friend Shyamala Menon (Parvathy). Selina happened to be pregnant at her childhood in a rape by a gang. But what makes the film different is that Selina was unaware of this incident. She did not accept the fact even after the birth of her baby. She considered herself as a virgin and called her son Immanuel meaning the son of Holy virgin Mary. Her child was moved to an orphanage by her fatherAntony (played by Karamana Janardhan). She lost her memory after losing her child. But on seeing her son again years after, she is terribly distracted and decides to commit suicide. The film has a lot of memorable scenes including the climax scenes, when Shyamala knows that she and Selina were raped by a gang.

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Patham Adhyayam – 12 June 2011 Sunday at 2.30 PM IST

Patham Adhyayam

Patham Adhyayam

Achu (Bala), son of Kumaran Asaari (Murali) is a carpenter and a sculptor. He is assigned the task of sculpting the new devi idol for the temple in his village which is under renovation. The temple belongs to Poomuttam tharavadu, headed by the Karanavar (Madhu). Karanavar’s daughter is a childhood friend of Achu and when she comes from US for this occasion, they fall in love.



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