Amrita Tv Weekend Movies – Thoovalkattu and Moonnamathoral

Thoovalkattu – 28 May 2011 Saturday at 2.30 PM IST



Thoovalkattu is directed by Venu B Nair starring Manoj K. Jayan and Lakshmi Gopalaswami in the lead roles. Manoj K. Jayan plays the character of Sundaran, who is the lead character in this movie. On contrary to his name, he is quite an unattractive person. Still he has managed to win the heart of Devu (Lekshmi Gopalaswami). Hajiyar (Saikumar) is another character in the movie is less of an employee and more of an elder brother to Sundaran. Hajiyar’s daughter happens to confront a few terrorists who blows up a mansion in the village.

Moonnamathoral – 29 May 2011 Sunday at 2.30 PM IST



Moonnamathoral is the first digital Malayalam movie. It was created by Martin Sebastian, produced by Benzy Martin, distributed by Emil & Eric Digital Films, and directed by V. K. Prakash. The movie, which falls into the genre of suspense thrillers, was shot primarily at Peerumedu in Idukki, Kerala. The movie stars Jayaram and Jyothirmayi in the lead roles.

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Two young girls, Anupama (Samvrutha Sunil) and Rahael (Sherin), rent an old palace and are disturbed by the presence of a strange lady who moves around their place. They are adamant on finding out the truth about her. The palace’s manager (Mala Aravindan), also a witchcraft practitioner, is keen to help them. As the girls find it difficult to move forward in their enquiry, the second story begins.



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