Amrita Tv Launches LifeStyle Plus

Amrita Tv Launches LifeStyle Plus

LifeStyle Plus

LifeStyle Plus

Lifestyle Plus is a prime time programme that endeavors to enhance the quality of life of an individual by offering advice or giving suggestions on every facet of a person’s lifestyle, how they live, the way they dress and what they eat ,through sections on homemaking, fashion trends and healthy diet .The anchor based show, to be launched on May 2nd, will be telecast Monday to Friday at 7.30pm.

With international textile brands, fast food chains and western modular kitchenettes within his reach, the modern day Malayalee is exposed to a tantalizing range of choices. Lifestyle Plus shows the way to move with the changing times by helping to pick the best alternative.

Home Management, the opening part of the programme, is an all round coverage of home making, but the main thrust is on the interior aesthetics of homes with the artistic element and comfort factor being the focus of attention. The individuals associated with the conceptualization and creation of the home, the landlord and interior decorator will be roped in for interviews to get their views and opinions. Relatively unexplored aspects of home décor that adds character to a home are dealt with in detail: colour schemes that can make or mar a room; lighting patterns which transforms space; theme furniture that co-ordinates all the pieces in a room to a particular motif; interior plants to offset air pollution and add a touch of restful green; exterior landscaping that converts bedraggled backyards into exquisite leisure recesses. Hints on organizational and financial areas of housekeeping, kitchen management, keeping a tight rein on the home budget etc will all figure in this comprehensive section.

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Fashion, the chic segment of the show tours the entire fashion circuit, embracing everything from the styles in vogue to the jet set who started the trends. The viewer is plunged into the resplendid world of design, patterns and motifs where one makes the acquaintance of the latest cut in apparels, the newest styles in accessories and brand new generation in cosmetics, ‘shown off’ by the anchor or some other model; later the viewer walks the ramp with the hottest fashion shows and events; marks out evolving areas like jewellery designing, ethnic experiments such as terracotta ornaments, banana fibre apparels; displays the divas of fashion design and their brain child; spotlights top models and their glamorous lives; takes a peak into the wardrobe and accessories collection of celebrities etc.

The final segment is devoted to nutritious, healthy food. It points out wholesome balanced diet for the day; advocates special diets for persons in the winter years of their lives; prescribes the perfect diet for individuals who are victims of life style diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure etc; recommends the benefits of traditional foods that have been pushed to the back shelves of consciousness like millets and arrowroot; tabulates the nutritional make up of common foods while warning against
the danger of over consumption. It also offers absorbing tidbits of information such as ways to get wise to adulterated food, how to wipe away effects of pesticide poisoning in vegetables, quick n’ easy ways of preservation, canning and pickling of seasonal fruits, sounds the red alert against poisonous combinations of food such as fish curry & butter milk, that can wreck havoc on the stomach.

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By striving to steer the attitudes, interest and habits of individuals in a more healthy direction, Lifestyle Plus adds to one’s manner of living thus enriching the very fabric of existence.

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