DSF Hungama Mon – Fri at 12.00 P.M On Amrita Tv

DSF Hungama Mon – Fri at 12.00 P.M On Amrita Tv

DSF Hungama

DSF Hungama

DSF HUNGAMA is  a window to the world of the Dubai Shopping Festival , which displays samples of its newest models, incredible deals and  cultural events , interweaving valuable information with fabulous entertainment.

It offers a  ringside report of the entertainment scenario; it  covers the performances of the top guns in dance, music , fasion and other cultural events, who converge on Dubai during the DSF  and also regales us with short  interviews .

Presented by a resident anchor and embellished with short interviews and discussions,  it is  shot on the spectacular locations of the festival, in the electronic retail outlets of the milling malls; by the gold laden walls  of the new Gold Souk, and various entertainment sites of Dubai.

The anchor  leads us on an expedition of the mesmerizing world of  hi tech devices; through demonstrations, pertinent questions and  translating the complex e-jargon to layman language, the viewers gets an idea of innovative leaps competing giants of the electronic industry have made –  the latest features in mobiles, the next generation of  televisions, space age versions of laptops, digital camcorders, etc.

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DSF HUNGAMA is also a window to  the famed Gold Souk, where all that glitters is gold ; amidst the 24 Karat  laden shelves we are introduced to international designs and  brand new trends in fashion jewelry.



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