Raga Ratnam Junior 2 Coming Soon on Amrita Tv

Raga Ratnam Junior 2 Coming Soon on Amrita Tv

Raga Ratnam Junior 2

Raga Ratnam Junior 2

Raga Ratnam Junior-2 is a reality show aimed at identifying an extraordinarily gifted music prodigy in the world’s oldest and richest music tradition – Carnatic music .

It is  a meticulous and painstaking search thru a many-tiered contest for the best Carnatic vocalist in the 10-14 age group.

Evolution : Songs from popular films are the staple of most music reality shows since they are easier to handle . TV channels generally  steer clear of  Carnatic music, for fear that they may find themselves all at sea. Amrita TV was the first to  test  the waters of classical music through Raga Ratnam Junior-1, a trail blazing competition that showcased raw, tender talent in the 10-15 age group and is followed by Raga Ratnam Yuva which features older adolescents on the threshold of  youthhood(16-21 age group).

Raga Ratnam Junior-1 launched in  September 2007, it lasted for  nine  melody filled  months , during which  the  musical proficiency of  the contestants  were put to test  by different rounds of  Carnatic  music renditions ranging from Keerthanam, Swathi Thirunal, Thillana, Varnam  to Pancharatnam and Kacheri. Its run-away success was  an eye-opener to the high potential  for  classical music shows as well as  to the number of carnatic music lovers  in the State.

  Lalsalam Mohanlal Show On Amrita TV - Starting on 18th August 2017 at 8.00 P.M

Amrita TV continues in the same pitch, carrying  on the classical treat for the benefit of  Carnatic  music aficionados, in  ‘Raga Ratnam Junior-2.

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