Grand Finale of Best Citizen Journalist 3 on Aug 01 Sunday at 4.30 P.M

Grand Finale of Best Citizen Journalist 3 on Aug 01 Sunday at 4.30 P.M

Best Citizen Journalist 3

Best Citizen Journalist 3

About Best Citizen Journalists 3 : Best Citizen Journalists 3 Started on Monday May 3rd  on Amrita TV. Every weekday from Monday to Friday at 09.30 pm, 16 Citizen Journalist contestants will fan out over the State in a determined bid to highlight social issues, chase after  misdemeanors, nose out corruption and track down crime.

The competitors whose pre-condition to selection is that they should not have any academic credentials in journalism or experience in reporting but must possess a nose for news, have in common a steadfast  resolve to reveal  flagrant transgressions of justice .

The background  of the participants picked from different age groups and professions present an interesting mix,  from degree students wishing to bring criminals to book, advocates with the urge to defend the downtrodden and retired professionals who would like to work for the oppressed.

  Lalsalam Mohanlal Show On Amrita TV - Starting on 18th August 2017 at 8.00 P.M

Mounting a ceaseless surveillance for any wrongdoing and keeping  a sharp lookout for stories and scandals, the reports they file in will be assessed   for its  newsworthiness and social relevance by a distinguished panel consisting of  Mr.Sasikumar, Chairman of  Asian College of Journalism and Mr. M.G. Radhakrishnan, India Today Special Correspondent.

The initial episodes  of the show will be in the nature of a ‘curtain raiser’ highlighting the best of the previous 2 series of Best Citizen Journalist, which  pioneered the TV journalism reality show genre.

From May 3rd ,as these zealous foot soldiers of  Justice charge headlong against  violations of  law   and present exposes that rip the mask off unholy nexuses, sensational scoops of corruption in high places and exclusives on scandals and undetected crimes, Keralites will have a taste once again – of  the awesome power of  citizen journalism.



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