Asianet Plus Movie Schedule 16-22 July 2010

Asianet Plus Movie Schedule – 16 July To 22 July 2010



16/7/10 10.30AM  Movie “Vidhyarambam”
16/7/10 7.30PM  Movie “Chandrotsavam”
17/7/10 2.00PM  Movie “Vietnam Colony”
17/7/10 7.30PM  Movie “Nadia Kollapetta Raathri”
18/7/10 2.00PM  Movie “Muttharam Kunnu P O”
18/7/10 7.30PM  Movie “Bus Conductor”
19/7/10 10.30AM  Movie “Kuttikuppayam”
19/7/10 7.30PM  Movie “Appu”
20/7/10 10.30PM  Movie “Munnettam”
20/7/10 7.30PM  Movie “Immininalla oral”
21/7/10 10.30AM  Movie “Kambolam”
21/7/10 7.30PM  Movie “FIR”
22/7/10 10.30AM  Movie “Ee Thanalil Ithiri neram”
22/7/10 7.30PM  Movie “Vamanapuram Bus route”



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