Udayamritam Everyday at 06.30 AM IST on Amrita TV

Udayamritam Everyday at 06.30 AM IST on Amrita TV

Program Timing : Everyday at 06.30 AM IST
Host : Mochita
Producer : Reji Syne

Udayamritam is a joyful morning program that focuses on starting the day with  a positive healthy attitude created by receiving valuable information and  inspiration from traditional Indian cultural sources, such as Vedic teachings,  spiritual teachers, Ayurveda and the traditional art forms of India such as dance,  poetry and music.

Please join us as we go on location to sites of historic cultural significance,  sometimes an Indian temple, a pilgrimage site or regional monument, at this date  275 different temples  in south India have been visited such as Belvadi  Veeranarayana Temple, Dandavathi Lakshmi Narayana Swami Temple, and  Keladi Ramaswami Temple.

Udayamritam is one of the channel’s most popular programs with over 650  episodes created to date. This show is unique in that it is the only breakfast  program that is filmed outdoors in the full and joyous morning light.

It is truly a program that strives to connect viewers to their Indian cultural  heritage by visiting sources of inspiration not normally accessible in today’s  hectic, fast pace urban life style. It is a refreshing break from run of the mill  morning programs. Watching Udayamritam is a wonderful way to start the day  and learn the finer aspects of the art of living.

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