Club FM 94.3 surges ahead

Club FM 94.3

Club FM 94.3

Club FM 94.3 leads the pack of FM stations in Kerala, according to the results of a new survey conducted by Hansa Research. Hansa, a reputed organisation that conducts media surveys including the Indian readership survey (IRS) for print, surveyed Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur and Kannur. A total of 3,249 respondents were selected in Socio Economic Classes of A, B and C for face-to-face interviews.The advent of private FM has fired the auditory imagination of the state, resulting in increased listenership. Thiruvananthapuram has a listenership of 54%, Kochi 41%, Thrissur 49% and Kannur 60%.

In all these four stations Club FM 94.3 established predominant appeal over competition. 37% of radio listeners in Trivandrum, 40% in Cochin, 46% in Thrissur and 51 % of listeners in Kannur opted for Club FM 94.3 as “the radio station that they listen to most often”. Surprisingly, the government owned All India Radio came second in Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram.

Superior programming with a packaging of songs attuned to the varying moods of a day, the intimate manner of radio jockeys, the feeling of being one of the family that they have induced, humorous situations of contemporary relevance and audience engagement activities that have established a connect with people have made Club FM 94.3 the station with undisputed mass appeal. Club FM 94.3 is also the only station from Kerala to secure 3 ‘RAPA’ awards early this year, the highest national honour in broadcast category, that too, within six months of launch.

While 91% of listening is at home, 9% is consumed while travelling and outdoors. Distinct from other metros, Malayalees enjoy radio on weekends as much as on weekdays. For radio listenership in Kerala, unlike television, prime time is spread across both morning and evening. The morning prime time listenership stretches from 6am to 11am and evening prime time listenership from 5pm to 12midnight.

The survey demolishes the myth of the Malayalee as an early sleeper. On the contrary, the appeal of the 8pm to midnight time band on par with other day parts, reveals them as night owls! Family game show ‘Club Mates’ and ‘Love Bytes’ featuring romantic songs are aired during this span. Good Morning, Kalakkan Recharge, Ladies Neram, Balkeni, Kabadi Kabadi are programs during the day.

A related point is that radio has been able to penetrate into all strata of society. Radio listenership in the Socio-Economic Classes (SEC) A and B categories is 60% and 56% respectively. Of this, a dominant share of 44 % in SEC A and 43% in SEC B has chosen Club FM 94.3 as “the radio station that they listen to most often”.

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