Amrita TV Launches ‘Music Mix’

Music Mix

Music Mix

Amrita TV offers its discerning viewers a new music programme based on film songs, ‘Music Mix’ , an amazing combination of classic melodies and modern beats.

‘Music Mix’is poised to go on air from 29th September and will be telecast every week-day from Monday to Friday at 5.30 in the evenings. The music show has been specially designed to enhance the entertainment content of Amrita TV’s evening content mix. Each episode will feature 4 songs, two drawn from the black& white era, the others belonging to the later colour phase.

‘Music Mix’ strives to blend timeless melodies drawn from the high Spring of Malayalam films – the 60’s,70’s and 80’s-with finger-snapping modern rhythms, thus spicing up Nostalgia with today’s hits.

The show is anchored by a presenter who introduces each song in detail, filling in the background information – the film to which the song belongs ; the actors whose lips framed the lyrics on the silver screen ; the creative trio behind-the-scenes, the lyricist, music composer and play-back singer whose efforts created the masterpiece.

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The programme presents a double bonus, for the viewers not only hear old favourites, but also get to see the video clippings of the songs and are brought abreast of the relevant details of the song–forgotten facts, interesting information and memorabilia that are revelations.

Each episode is a compact capsule that gives a bird’s eye view of the evolution of Malayalam film songs , since it features numbers from the past, present as well as the transitional periods in between.

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